Inspiration to affirm our amazing journeys…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is a time in everyone’s life where they wonder if they have achieved their purpose for being here on this earth at this time. Always remember that you are always where you are meant to be. Deepak Chopra said “Trust that your soul has a plan and even if you can’t see at all, know that everything will unfold as it is meant to”.  This way of approaching life should give you peace and understanding. Make this your day in history…


Be aware of those who need your help or those who want to help you. Let them in. Don’t shut out your past or your friends…learn and celebrate!white-lotus-flower

Think first…

Trust your judgement, but don’t judge…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Affirmations are words constructed in an order that allows you to create your life and intentionally experience your desired reality. You are able to affirm the life you want to create and experience. Affirmations require little effort, they can be spoken aloud, whispered quietly or be simply a breath of thought, but do not underestimate their power for they can, and will change your life…one thought at a time.

We all know the value of taking time for meditation and most make every effort to make it happen, to make it part of our daily routine.We sometimes tell ourselves that it’s not always possible (knowing that all things are possible, of course) or there just isn’t enough time. However, my guides think differently and recently gave me this gentle nudge… I hope you enjoy it and I hope you find a little time to make this a part of your day.

“Late in the day when dusk looks like dawn there is a calmness that needs to be reached and justified as law. It is your time of communion with your self, with your soul and with life as you know it today. A time to wonder and glow with answers. A time to seep into another realm and walk away with remedies and solutions. It is your right and privilege to have these moments and you must avail yourself to this silence.”

Know it…


Are you facing a dilemma, a change or a fork in the road? We all question our path and our place on it. We find ourselves filled with trepidation for what is to come. Is it the right time, the right place or the right decision. We set our goals, say our affirmations and visualize our results, be it our perfect partner, career or life course, and then we wonder what is taking so long in attaining it.

This is when I like to refer back to this short quote from my guides that usually sets me on track for what I should already know…

“Protect your heart from what you mistake as fear and know that all is for the good of all. You can have the life you have visioned. If you feel as if it is slow in coming, know that it is slow only to you, for it is already here, right on your doorstep.”

You can be, have or do anything you want. Make a point of defining it and know that it is done. Release the thought and let it be….

Have a great day!

Happy Mother’s Day

Hug your Mother today!

mothers day hug
You know the first thing your Mother did when you were born is to pick you up and give your a hug and she has probably hugged you thousands of times since. You may think you need to be physically next to your Mother to give her a hug this Mother’s Day but that is just not true.

Although it would be wonderful if you could spend the day with to her, for many of us it is just not possible. Some of our Mother’s live far away and sometimes they have gone before us. So, no matter where your Mother is, either on this earth or in heaven with the angels, close your eyes for a moment and wrap your arms around her. Then breathe in the unconditional love, visualize your favorite memory and thank her for all she has done for you.

You will feel a huge surge of love for you both.

Take a moment…

Enjoy this reminder from my guides….


”Life is so tenuous and yet we are all rushing through it so quickly. Take a moment and stay in it for awhile. Feel it and work with it and enjoy it. You are looking for pure fascination. Just watch life and be life and it will unfold like a flower, in its own time and space.
Practice love. Practice peace and joy. Practice silence. Practice happiness. And live your life with purpose.”

What if…?

what if

Do you have days when you look at where you are on your life path and wonder if you are truly on the right road? I sure do! I have questioned the road more than once and so have most of the people I know. I think it is our check point, our inquisitive minds questioning our choices, a test to see if we are on target with life. So as time passes by, the inevitable question, “what if…?” arises and begs to be answered.

We consider changing locations, careers and relationships. And even as we may be happy where we are and with what we are doing, we find ourselves wondering “what if…?”

If this strikes a familiar cord with you and you are teetering on the cusp of change then you may get some insight from a writing received from my guides when I was facing a “what if…” moment not so very long ago.

Take a look at your place in time and see if it fits with what you want. Play with it until it is right and meets with your happiness. Then, you are ready to move forward on a new path, trust your ideas are right and never doubt your abilities. Take a look at what you have accomplished and know your strengths. Have some smiles as you forge a new path, the path you have always wanted. Follow your heart.


Feeling a little glum, Chum? Do the days not seem to understand that you want more fulfillment? Does life feel like it is going nowhere fast? It is funny, but we all feel like that some days and it is all part of the path we are traveling. If you feel like this once in awhile then I think you will smile when you read this writing that I came across from my guides. I swear, sometimes these writings are just right on target for me, how about you?.

Flow with your energy. Your fears and pain have been created by you… but for you, for your learning. Don’t banish them because it hurts or is uncomfortable. Stay with them until you see the story of why. Life is a learning platform for you to stand on and progress into everlasting life and love.

Put your fears away and replace them with gusto for a new beginning. Don’t let life get you into dog days. Life is beautiful and you must only gently lift away the petals of inconvenience to see the joy of the bloom inside. Pray for strength and abundance will be close at hand.

You struggle needlessly. Say you gratefuls and mean them. Then take your important words and let them go out to the souls that truly need them.

Take care not to hurt. Just know that this path is your salvation and strength and prepare for the fireworks you are about to witness.”